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Council Of Governors To Use This Method To Soleve Makueni-Kwale-Taita Taveta boundary dispute

The AD-Hoc committee charged with resolving the boundary issue between Makueni, Kwale, and Taita Taveta counties would use a traditional dispute resolution procedure, as indicated by the Council of Governors.

As a result of a recent escalation in the long-running border dispute, the Committee met on Thursday with the three Governors, Mutula Kilonzo (Makueni), Fatuma Achani (Kwale), and Andrew Mwadime (Taita Taveta).

The meeting which was headed by Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka determined that all the essential parties will be involved in the process.

"The Ad Hoc Committee shall use the existing procedure for Traditional Dispute Resolution to settle the matter. All the essential parties to be included in the process,” a statement from Council of Governors suggested.

It further said that the parties' "resolution" should be brought before the Summit for final resolution.

Both Taita-Taveta County and Makueni County lay claim to the area known as Mtito Andei, which has caused tension between the two regions.

During the Jamhuri Day celebrations, Makueni Kilonzo reportedly threatened not to allow even an inch of his county property to be taken over by Taita-Taveta.

He claimed the Man-Eaters marked the county line between his and Taita-Taveta, but Taita-Taveta insisted the Mtito Andei river was the dividing line.

Kwale and Taita Taveta, however, have both laid claim to Mackinnon town, which means that merchants must pay taxes in both locations.

The Environment and Land Court declared that Taita Taveta had the authority to issue business licenses and collect taxes in the towns of Mtito Andei and Mackinnon, as of October 10, 2022.

Justice Lucas Naikumi highlighted that the boundary dispute was being used by the three counties to force the citizens to double taxation.

The order was granted in response to a petition submitted by Makueni and Kwale counties, which asked that Taita Taveta be prevented from exercising jurisdiction over the two contested cities.

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