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Two Shillings Isn't Enough, MP Aspirant Urges Government to Reduce Food Prices Further

Jimmy Mwithi talks to journalists at Mukalwa(source.c patterson)

Matungulu member of parliament aspirant Jimmy mwithi has urged the government to relieve taxes on basic foods so that their prices can go down.

Speaking at a rally in Mukalwa Mwithi said that the reduction of Unga by two shillings was like a drop in the ocean.

According to him if really the government needs to relieve Kenyans of the high food prices the price of unga should go down to sh.90.

He noted that the government should reduce VAT on certain commodities.

"Until the price is reduced to sh.90 Kenyans are still burdened.The government light to do something and save Kenyan from the shackles of high food prices. Some families are hardly surviving,"said Mwithi.

"There are families which can't remember when they lastly ate bread. Many cannot afford kerosene,unga, rice and gas. Lets accept that hunger pangs are biting as days go by,"he added.

He went ahead to rally locals of Matungulu to vote for him as he is the only one with ideas to transform the constituency.

He reiterated that bad leadership is the root cause of many problems being witnessed .

"Let's consider voting in capable leaders who will transform our area. I have great plans for Matungulu once I am elected as member of parliament. Let's talk about roads, water, schools and many other things. I can say for sure the locals are yet to experience true leadership," he said.

Mwithi had accompanied CCU gubernatorial candidate Nzioka Waita, Senatorial candidates Muthama Ngengele and Mutua Katuku.

Content created and supplied by: Cpatterson (via Opera News )

Jimmy Matungulu Mukalwa Mwithi Mukalwa( Shillings


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