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Vuvuzelas and whistles rule the night during voter mobilization operations on election night

On the eve of the general election on Tuesday, August 9, the sound of vuvuzelas and whistles dominated as Kenyans called on others to stand and vote. 

 The noise was heard in various parts of the country as early as 3am and young people were seen queuing up in the streets late Tuesday morning. 

 A video has since gone viral showing a woman blowing a vuvuzela early in the morning in her neighborhood in Kakamega calling on Kenyans to vote. 

 But the fanfare evokes an angry part of Kenyans who dismissed the noise as noise pollution. 

 Azimio La Umoja Kenya's presidential candidate Laila Odinga recently launched the 'Firimbi' (whistle) movement, a mass turnout campaign she previously used to mobilize votes in the 2017 presidential election. revived. 

 Also known as 'Lauka' (Early Riser), the campaign kicked off with a massive rally held at Kakamega's Buhungu Stadium, aiming to win the first round by gaining 15 million votes as part of Azimio's  campaign.

 "I would like to hear an announcement after the election that Baba and Mama will go against Ruto and Lieutenant. Today I will start a new chapter called the Filimbi Movement," Raila told the crowd. 's supporters attended in large numbers and said they, along with and his deputy Martha , would ask him to vote. 

 "He has two examples of the whistle being blown, one to wake people up to vote, and one of his to drive away thieves," he later said, describing the whistle. I was. With 4,444 polling stations opening across the country around 6 a.m. Tuesday, Kenyans represented 290 members of the National Assembly, 1,450 members of district councils, 47 senators, governors, women's representatives and Uhuru Kenyatta. Headed to the polls to elect the president's successor.

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