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Sultana Citizen Tv Update: Major Jabali Goes To Ask The Villagers For Forgiveness

The Villagers are planning to get back at Major Jabali, because Major Jabali has been ruthless to them. Major Jabali has been exploited them, and he even killed Maneno who was his former employee. The Villagers led by Babu are planning to take revenge, because Major Jabali killed one of their own.

Babu organized a deal, so that the dead caucuses can be thrown on Major Jabali’s compound. The plan worked, and Babu gave orders for some of his men to throw the badly smelling caucuses on Major Jabali’s compound.

Major Jabali work up one morning, and he could smell bad caucuses on his compound. He went to his compound, and he saw them. He was very angry at person who did that, even though he didn’t know who exactly it was.

Major Jabali gave an order to Asya who is one of his worker to clean the mess up, and Asya did it even though it was with a lot of difficulty. The villagers had started war against Major Jabali, and some of his workers turned against him.

Mwanzele who was one of his workers resigned from his duties, and he is among those who are plotting revenge against Major Jabali. The fisherman who were working for Major Jabali also refused to catch fish for him, and they decided to go home. The villagers are very angry with Major Jabali, so Major Jabali one day saw that it was wise for him to go and talk to them.

Major Jabali went to the village, so that he can ask the villagers for forgiveness. All of this will happen very soon in Sultana telenovela, because Sultana is nearing its end. A lot of things are happening in Sultana as we wait for the season finale.

We will see what the villagers will do with Major Jabali very soon, and we will know whether he will be forgiven or not. 

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