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What Prof Makau Mutua Has Said Indirectly to Boniface Mwangi After Blocking KoT Bullies And Critics

US Based Kenyan Law professor and a celebrity on matters revolving the Kenya politics has offered a message in line with events being witnessed involving activist and photojournalist Boniface Mwangi.

Boniface Mwangi has had a very rough weekend with Kenyans on Twitter and has decided to take them head-on despite being warned by various people to let it go because KoT is not very well known for accepting defeats or surrendering when bullying others online.

Makau Mutua’s message was probably referring and moreso responding to a tweet by Activist Mwangi who angrily said that since he has a lot of strangers he does not know following him on his Twitter, then those who do not agree with his personal views are free to press the unfollow button since after all he even does not know if they exist.

According to the prof, blocking critics even if they are abusive on one’s social media platforms shows that a person is very bad at managing his anger, a tweet that is directly aiming at Mwangi since for the better part of today he has been involved in harsh responses with KoT.

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