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Details of World's Most Expensive And Guarded Presidential Motorcade

The motorcade of the US President is said to be the most expensive, and he is also the most guarded. He is surrounded by a convoy of about fifty vehicles and over a hundred people. Despite this, the security personnel believe it is insufficient to secure the president. They claim that they would only utilize it on short car trips of less than 30 minutes. The safest mode of transportation is by air. The president, on the other hand, generally uses Air Force One and Marine One.

The following is a list of what is contained within the presidential motorcade;


The Beast

The president is usually carried by the beast. With the same license plate, there are two comparable beasts. This makes it difficult for an adversary to figure out which car is transporting the president. The beast is built to withstand any onslaught from the outside world.

It is estimated to be worth $1.5 million and weighs 20,000 pounds. With an eight-inch thick door, it's also bombproof.

It takes a lot of courage to join the president's protesters. As a result, every agent must complete a five-day protective driving school as well as some advanced training to ensure the safety of the presidential motorcade.

The president, on the other hand, has a safe package. In the event of an attack, each secure package car is designed to break away from the motorcade. It contains two antennas and a frequency that can detect or stop any bomb in the vicinity.

The motorcycles

Sweepers are what they're called. Furthermore, they communicate with the lead automobile. The president's motorcycle's main task is to clear the way for him and to keep an eye on what's going on around him. They notify the rest of the team if something threatens the president's safety.


The trio of SUVs

There are three SUVs in the group. One has a rare window open, while the other is shut. If the president is in danger, the halfback defends the beast and cat automobile and leads them into battle.

The control car

The control car transports critical personnel, such as presidential military aid and a medical team.

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