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Ugandans Bitterly React To Kizza Besigye's Bold Message To Ugandans As The 60th Anniversary Commence

Today marks 60 years since Uganda got her independence from the colonialists. President Yoweri Museveni is leading the 60th Independence Day celebrations and is hosting several African leaders who have gone to Uganda to witness the event. Ugandans freed themselves from the shackles of colonial rulers and have decided to reshape their destiny. They are celebrating self-rule and the thriving peace and democracy in their country which is full of diversity. According, to the security minister, Jim Muhwezi only 800 people are expected to attend the function at Kololo ceremonial grounds due to Covid-19 that had affected the nation. However, some of the leaders in the country feel that it is not worthy celebrating the independence.

Kifefe Kizza Besigye has wished all Ugandans the best in celebrating the independence anniversary. In his remarks he said, "Best wishes for a Happy Independence Anniversary to all Ugandans. We celebrate all our heroes who fought for Independence. It was a long a painful struggle. IK Musaazi was imprisoned 37 times during that struggle. The second liberation struggle is ongoing and we shall overcome."

Ugandans reacted to his wishes and some claimed, "A struggle that will not kill Ugandans, that will not disenfranchise and that will not promote tribal sentiments and a struggle that will not benefit only few and the rest remain languishing in hopelessness and dire poverty. Such a struggle is welcome but the leaders are not." Others claimed that, "Though currently we have nothing worth celebration in Uganda other than the age and grey hair, but composition is absolutely nothing. The generations will blame me and you doctor for not leaving something to inherit for their start. I respect you, we can start to build Uganda with you. We are not free nor allowed to celebrate like I have not heard or received any invitation as a citizen to attend celebrations any where on this land."

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