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Touching, Encouraging Message Of The Year By DP Ruto And His Wife Racheal to Kenyans

William Samoe Arap Ruto is the Kenyan Deputy President under the leadership of President Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta.

He rose to fame through his hard work, determination and resilience without losing track to his ambitions and goals.

Recently the Deputy President William Ruto has been in the forefront fighting against BBI citing lack of inclusivity as one the reasons he was adamant in supporting the idea of BBI whose frontiers are Uhuru Kenyatta ana Raila Odinga.

Even though he has not supported the Building Bridges Initiative, he is still not clear whether he will oppose it or support it.

Today, The Deputy President a d His Wife Mama Racheal have sent Avery touching message to the public through A video.

The message read;

Ruto: Fellow Kenyans the year 2020 has been a unique time of our lives with many lessons. The big lesson of 2020 is that no one regardless of status or rank is invincible.

Racheal: Indeed we are all vulnerable,we have learnt that our lives are so intertwined. Our interests are United in intimate waves of mutuality. During this Christmas, we should remember those more in need than ourselves and perform the Godly duty of extending compassion and solidarity their way.

Ruto: Against the backdrop of ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, let's especially remember with gratitude our frontline and healthcare workers who everyday go far beyond the call of their vocation and who have shown phenomenon selflessness in the face of the unprecidented tragedy It's our duty to appreciate their work, sacrifice and stand with them and praying with them everyday.

Racheal: We also have a dolemn obligation to extend words comfort, material and moral support to all people who have lost their loved ones to the COVID-19 pandemic and to all who were affected in all varried ways. We pray for the quick healing of the afflicted and continued protection for all our brothers and sisters everywhere.

Ruto: We do this because despite grave hardships and daunting setbacks, Mary and Joseph- Christ's parents never rested from their labour of love and care. Not even when in a menger they were nursing amongst animals.

Racheal: Similarly, the shepherds never stopped working in the disolate darkness of nights where the angels found them with the first Christmas message.

Ruto: Let's continue loving and caring for families, friends and neighbours. Let's carry on with our work of nation building in Our various persuits.

Racheal: Let's pray the joyful spirit to light up this difficult times and restore us with strength to win ourselves and triuphant tomorrow.

Ruto: On behalf of our family we wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous New year 2021.

The above is the powerful message of the year by Deputy and Mama Racheal.

Content created and supplied by: Benadhizo (via Opera News )

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