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What you do not know about the Kenyan Defence Force (KDF)

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) are the armed forces of the Republic of Kenya . Its made up of three branches which are:

Kenya Army,

Kenya Navy ,

Kenya Air Force;

The current KDF was established, and its composition stipulated, in Article 241 of the 2010 Constitution of Kenya; it is governed by the KDF Act of 2012.

There many thing that are a secret to public about Kenyan defence force for security purpose. In this article we are giving general things you did not know about KDF

1. It was ranked as the best army in east Africa

In the last Global Firepower ranking, Kenya was ranked as most powerful nation in East Africa based on manpower, range of weaponry, logistical flexibility and budget.

2. The main responsibility and duty. Its main mission is the defence and protection of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kenya.

3 The ranking of military officer. The President of Kenya is the commander in chief of the KDF, and the Chief of Defence Forces (Kenya) is the highest ranking military officer, and the principal military adviser to the President of Kenya and the National Security Council.

4. It has some of the most powerful weapons in the world. KDF owns the following powerful weapons

This FN SCAR its only found in 20 countries in world Kenya been one of them. Unlike AK47 that cost about 50000ksh. The price of FN SCAR is 6 times that of AK47. It coast at least 300 000ksh for a set, this is a reason why the FN SCAR is out of reach for so many countries.

Other strong weapons are in the pictures below.

5. It has one of the biggest budget in Africa. Kenya’s defence budget has crossed the $1 billion (Sh100 billion) mark as the country ramps up spending on military and intelligence resources.

6. The KDF Barracks in Kenya

1st Kenya Rifles Battalion – Nanyuki.

3rd Kenya Rifles Battalion – Lanet Barracks, Nakuru.

5th Kenya Rifles Battalion – Gilgil.

7th Kenya Rifles Battalion – Langata Barracks, Nairobi.

9th Kenya Rifles Battalion – Moi Barracks, Eldoret.

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