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Charlene Ruto Gets Defensive Over Viral Smokie Business Presentation After Kenyans Chided Her Online

President William Ruto's daughter, Charlene Ruto in response to the viral video currently making rounds on various social platforms.

Where she is heard making a presentation to listeners at Daystar university revealing how she was forced to venture into smoke selling business to cater fir her needs during her campus days.

A presentation that prematurely ended as students present shouted her down over her story teaming it as fake.

The video has stired reactions online. A myriad of kenyans has continued to accuse Charlene Ruto of fabricating stories meant to hoodwink the public.

As they wondered how Charlene Ruto could suffer from financial struggles.When his father, now President has in the past held powerful positions in government. That comes with lots of benefits.

In response, Charlene Ruto took to her Facebook page. She has gone defensive seemly bringing the entrepreneurial discussion to the limelight.

Where she has asked kenyans.That having known her past business ventures. They should also share the type of hustles they carried out in school.

She had further poked cryptic questions to kenyans. That despite her being President Ruto's daughter she has nurtured her entrepreneurial skills. Hence kenyans should answer whether entrepreneurs are made or born.

Below is the Facebook post;In reaction to Charlene Ruto's defensive post. Kenyans have refused to buy her idea. A myriad of them alleged that the first daughter is hoodwinking kenyans over hustle matters. When she has always been eating from the big spoon since childhood.

Below are more reactions:

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