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Mps Pushes for better medical care and air ambulance for Legislatures after losing a colleague

Yesterday afternoon, members of perliament dedicated the afternoon session in Parliament to mourn the Departed Matungu Mp Justus Murunga.The late Matungu Mp Justus Murunga.

While addressing the national assembly Kwanza MP Ferdinand Wanyonyi acknowledged that the Departed mp would have survived if he received immediate medical attention.

In his address Wayonyi was quoted saying: “We were requesting and I have managed to talk to the clerk of the National Assembly about this that we be given a hotline number to helicopter services just in case.”

Mr Wanyonyi's request seems to have angered Kenyans basing on their reactions. Here is a sample of their reactions:

@Kimanzi_Don: Mpigs are demanding for Helicopter evacuation to go get treated in under developed Hospitals with no competent Equipment by under paid Health workers with no PPEs...What type of thinking? 

@Dennismaina4 :MPigs want to have quick and fast access to helicopters incase of Medical emergencies after MP murunga death instead of better health care for all. How this Mpigs earn better than teachers, doctors, nurses & police is a big mystery!!! Reform NHIF.

@mmnjug :Instead of pushing for universal healthcare for all, now MPigs want a chopper on standby to ferry them to Nairobi incase of an emergency......How about equipping all local hospitals for everyone to benefit?

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