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Reasons Why Kikuyus/Mt Kenya Thrive In National Politics While Luos /Nyanza Always Feel Marginalized

Reason as why Kikuyus will still emerge as major beneficiaries come 2022 while Luos will still come out with peanuts for benefits in the body politic as usual. 

Kikuyus practise Real Multi-Party Democractic Politics in their region while Luos promote Single-Party Dictatorial Politics in Nyanza. Much as they pride themselves as having been at the frontline fighting for Multi-partism in Kenya, in Luoland/Nyanza, "THERE SHALL NEVER BE ANY OTHER GOD EXCEPT ME" kind of Politics is the order of the day.

If the Luoland political godfather is in good terms with the Govt of the day, then any goodies from Govt are considered as "DEVELOPMENT". Kisumu Port, current upgrading of Railway line, Mamboleo Stadium will considered good development,But if the godfather was in bad terms with Govt, any other Luo who INFLUENCES such Govt Goodies will be branded a 'Mole', a sell out, Luoland enemy number one.

An outcast who MUST never set foot in his homeland. A good example is Hon. Tuju whose Mobile Clinic (during Kibakis Tenure), road projects, Mango juice plant were all rejected for political reasons. From southern Nyanza, Dalmas Otieno is one guy whose efforts were thwarted by all means. David Ochieng and Ken Obura understand too well WHY YOU MUST NEVER BE LOYAL TO OTHER GODS EXCEPT ME IN LUOLAND. 

In 1992 Multi-Party Elections, Kikuyus had Ken Matiba, Mwai Kibaki and Muite Paul (in F-K) seeking for the two top seats. Luos only had Mzee Jaramogi Oginga. Though Moi was a power house, the Kikuyus put an impressive record. In 2002, Kikuyus had two top candidates - it was either Uhuru or Kibaki. Luos had Jim Orengo (am sure very many Luos dont remember his candidature). He performed dismally even lost his Ugenya Parliamentary seat as Luos voted with their political godfather. Remember, in 1992, Muite supported Oginga in F-K Party, he won his Kikuyu seat but lost votes for Oginga to Matiba and Kibaki. Luos in 2002 didnt care to rally behind one of their own - Orengo. Remember too, in 1997, Prof. Anyang' Nyongo had tried to chat an alternative political path in Luo Nyanza by supporting Ngilu under SDP party ticket, but failed tremendously to sway Luoland vote from the young godfather (a Political Heavyweight and Monster in the making). 

In the run up to 2013 Presidential race, Kikuyus had two more or less equal competing Political forces between Iron Lady Martha Karua and Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. Kikuyus even had 3 Presidential aspirants Uhuru, Karua and Muite. Willian Samoei Ruto (DP) became a tie breaker when he supported Uhuru, the rest is history - as Uhuru emerged winner having beaten even the only Luoland candidate - Raila Odinga under CORD/ODM.

Remember in 2002 Uhuru enjoyed the FULL SUPPORT OF "DEEP STATE" by virtue of being President Moi's Project and KANU System Candidate. However majority Kikuyus joined other Kenyans to vote Kibaki (and not Uhuru, Kenyatta Systems son). If this was Luos, majority would have rallied behind Odinga Systems Son even if other Majority Kenya voters supported the opponent). Kikuyus didnt care to introduce local Divisive Politics of Kiambu Mafia vs the other side of River Chania. Majority voted Kibaki - the one with the high chances of winning.  

Martha Karua was the pillar of Kibakis 2nd Term Tenure. Without her strong and undiverted stance, Kibaki would have exited 2007 seat during PEV period. But come 2013 the moment Uhuru managed to win Rutos support, all Kikuyus (thro' Prof Mutahi Ngunyi) coined the TYRANNY OF NUMBERS phrase and moved their support to UhuRuto. The rest is history. Luos would have been ready to support Karua as a reward for having stood with the 'chosen one' even if her National support was dwindling. Today we have very many Luos voted to high elective seats simply to go "HELP RAILA FIGHT" his political enemies but not to serve the people. 


Kikuyu's are bargaining for more Constituencies under BBI. They are also divided into many Teams - others visiting Raila and bargaining for slots. Others are with Ruto while others are busy engaging OKA (Madavadi Kalonzo, Wetangula, Gideon for possible offers). They practise a Multipronged Approach where even their possible contenders are - Peter Kenneth, Anne Waiguru, Mwangi Kiunjuri, Kithure Kindiki and now Justin Muturi etc. with this Open Strategy, MOUNT KENYA REGION WILL WIN A RUNNING MATE SLOT - just Watch the Space. 

Now compare and contrast it with Luoland Politics. All hopes on Raila and ODM alone. Whoever tries to negotiate for a top slot away from Raila will be branded a Mole and enemy of the Luos. Majority of Luos believe 'Deep State' to decide who becomes President in 2022. But If deep state was to rally behind any other candidate say Governor Obado, Governor Kidero, Senator Orengo, or even CS Fred Matiang'i, I can bet my life Majority of Luos would say to HELL WITH DEEP STATE. 

Luoland is basically under SINGLE PARTY DICTATORIAL RULE. That any Luo is only allowed to form more political parties to certain local levels. But at National level you MUST SUBSCRIBE TO ODM PRINCIPLES AND PRACTISES. You MUST show loyalty to Raila (and ODM or his preferred Political Vehicle - otherwise you run the risk of being branded a mole, 'anti development' and enemy of the Luos. Even Luo Council of Elders has a Politician (Raila) as the Patron against their own Laws which Constitute the body (Constitution). This leaves Luoland with single party dictatorial tendencies as any opposing figures have no platform to get redress. Even those who fight to correct BBI will soon be branded as MOLES OF RAILAS POLITICAL ENEMIES. Raila too will never care to correct BBI mess as long as his SELFISH INTEREST are safe, even if such provisions were against the larger interests of the Luo/Nyanza Community. 


IF RAILA LOSES, ALL LUOS LOSE. THATS WHY LUOS BITTERLY FIGHT AND DEMONSTRATE IN THE STREETS WHENEVER RAILAS SPIN DOCTORS CREATE NARRATIVES THAT HE HAS LOST UNFAIRLY. Even in 2022 if Uhuru does not openly rally behind Raila, you will see how bitter Luos will be with him and the entire Kikuyu Nation.

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