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" I Only Speak When It Is Necessary," Dr. Kizza Besigye Says

Dr Kizza Besigye was answering back to critics who says that he is so mute and one of the most dormant opposition figure and politician Uganda has ever had.

On answering back, Besigye said he is not the usual average politicians who love to comment on anything that takes place in the society. He said that his comment only comes when where it is necessary.

" I don't comment on every issues since am not these usual politicians you know who comment on everything they have less knowledge about," he said.

When asked how he feels when his counterpart opposition leader and National Unity Party head honourable Kyagulanyi lost elections to the incumbent President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, Besigye said that it is normal for someone to loose an election and therefore he thinks Bobi wine has seen it and it is difficult and so complicated to oust General Museveni.

Giving his remarks on the just concluded presidential elections once more, Besigye added that the elections went on well and Ugandans voted for their favourite candidate to run their country.Besigye says that Kyagulanyi was number two which is not a bad position for a first timer in the presidential race.

"This young man, Kyagulanyi did fairly well. Being a first timer,the second position is good enough. I may advice him to try his luck again in 2026,"he added.

Besigye says that as a country,they realised that an election is not the solution to the political crisis being experienced in Uganda. He added that it is now 20 years of practising premature democracy since he first stood against General Museveni.

"It is now 20 years of practising premature democracy since I first stood against Museveni. Ever since then,the election has not reflected the will of the people. As long as you see General Museveni on the ballot paper, don't ask who the winner will be,"he concluded.

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