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Details About Kheira Omar, Wife To Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi

Kheira Omar is wife to Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi as well a very hardworking woman always determined to achieve results through effort strive and total focus. She has been the pillar and strength working not behind the scenes but openly to ensure her husband succeeds in the county so that he can leave a solid legacy.

The governor Mohamed Abdi is currently facing impeachment at the senate on allegations of bringing down the reputation of the county by allowing his wife Kheira Omar to run the county down yet he is the governor. According to Wajir MCAs, it's Kheira Omar's way or the highway as she rules the Wajir County with an Iron fist as her husband plays a ceremonial role despite him being the governor.

Kheira Omar is never off public limelight as she has always been at the forefront leading BBI compaigns in Wajir County as well in several counties of the North Eastern region. She has always played the political role that should be played by her husband clearly showing that she was in charge of Wajir County as she has always overshadowed her husband Mohamed Abdi.

Kheira Omar has also been at the forefront in championing for women empowerment as well girl child education across not only Wajir but across all North Eastern counties. It's the disregard of the law by her however that has left Wajir MCAs with no option but to impeach the governor as presented today in the senate.

Much personal details about Kheira Omar however remain scanty and largely off public limelight as nothing much about her children is into the public limelight. It's clear however even from her look that she is firm and decisive in whatever that she wants achieved a reason most Wajir leaders see her as having taken over from her husband as she only wants the best for Wajir county as the first lady and mother of the county.

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