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Nicholas Biwott's 5 Peculiar Habits

Nicholas Biwott, a former cabinet minister, led a life that the general public was unaware of.

He was regarded by many as Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi's right-hand man and the embodiment of excesses during the period of the former president of state.

One of the most feared and revered figures in the nation's political landscape, Biwott owned enormous riches that, when combined with his friendship with Moi, gave him unrivaled political influence.

According to a Daily Nation article from July 12, 2017, the late billionaire had unusual habits as a result of his obsession with security.

1. Mobile phones and Airtime

The article claims that although Biwott had five phones spread among the numerous cabinet positions he held, none of them were registered in his name as mobile phone numbers.

He liked to use his assistant's or the security guards' cell phones.

This was allegedly due to the fact that sim cards could be monitored during the process of determining a person's location whether they are online or not.

On multiple times, Biwott would take a phone from the person who was nearest to him, make a call, and then pay back the airtime he used.

2. Food

In hotels, one would often place an order and then patiently wait to be served, but not Biwott.

He would choose a plate at random and start serving himself whether he had gone there for a dinner, a meeting or even a gathering he had called. This provided him the peace of mind that no one could interfere with his food.

This tendency was carried over by Biwott to the Parliament canteen, where he likewise liked doing his own serving.

3. Residence

Although he was known as a billionaire and is said to have had multiple properties in Eldoret, Biwott chose to carry out or rather run his business out of the Kaptagat Hotel.

The public first learned that the veteran legislator lived in Kileleshwa in Nairobi after he passed away.

He kept his personal affairs discreet and hidden from the public so well that it was difficult to determine how many marriages and kids he had in total.

Only two of his family members were known to the general public at the time of his death: his Australian-born wife and Investment secretary Esther Koimet.

4. Travelling

Biwott supposedly exhibited the most bizarre travel behavior, according to reports. He never drove from A to B, in one car.

According to Daily Nation, he would use seven or eight cars to travel from Nairobi to Eldoret. Using six or seven different vehicles, some of which were so old that an enemy could not have known the billionaire was traveling in them.

In Nairobi, Biwott would never meet up with two different persons or even attend two separate events in the same car. He had to change them.

5. Old Taxis

When not using his cars, Biwott decided to employ abandoned taxis that did not draw notice.

The publication claimed that whenever his automobile was stopped while attending official events, he would get into the closest cab and instruct the driver to take him where he was going while his detail followed.

He rarely made eye contact with people while speaking in public or even in a congregation.

Security-conscious people would advise that some people could read a person through eye contact. This was frequently mistaken for shyness.

Biwott passed away on July 11, 2017, after serving as a cabinet minister in several dockets and as a member of parliament for Keiyo South from 1979 to 2007.

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