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Lords Of Betrayal, Kenyans Slam Mps' Silence During The Corona-virus Pandemic

Kenyans have taken to social media to slam members of parliament for ‘vanishing’ during the Corona-virus crisis instead of putting measures in place to mitigate the virus and cushion Kenyans from the economic challenges it has brought.

The Corona-virus pandemic has literally brought most businesses to a halt with the citizens who rely on such businesses for their daily bread now struggling to make their ends meet.

It the midst of all this, the parliamentarians have been silent. The best most of them have been doing is posting photos of themselves and their families on social media to keep Kenyans updated on how they are faring on during this quarantine period.

Kenyans unite against MPs' greed for cash - Daily Nation

It’s for such reasons that Kenyans took to social media to jubilate when reports went round that 17 of the members of parliament and senators had tested positive for the virus. The claims have since been dismissed.

On Monday morning, Kenyans took to social media to blast them under the #LordsofBetrayal hashtag.

Kenyans to MPs: Abscond your salaries the same way you abscond ...

@ItsJoeKE While other parliaments are coming up with measures to cushion people and businesses from being wiped out by the disease, Kenyan lawmakers have stood out for their inertia.

@_ItsShark Just when we needed them the most, they vanished, but when this pandemic is over, these gluttonous Mpigs won't hesitate to talk about their salaries. Sadly, we won't learn from this but still elect them in the future. Who bewitched us? #LordsOfBetrayal

@cbs_ke The #LordsOfBetrayal are slaying at their home while the common mwananchi is at the hands of God.

@BravinYuri -Most of our MPs are pathological liars. They'll comes on Twitter & pretend to stand with kenyans but back in parliament, they receive bribes in the Toilets. Some of the Youthful MPs haven't even cared to raise concerns about HELB repayment during this Pandemic. #LordsOfBetrayal

@peterka16943767- Once the economy collapses after CORONA majority of us Kenyans who have nothing to lose will take over 

@OtienoRoland- 2022 is coming let us take up positions of leadership and make a is up to us to lift Kenya out of stupidity

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