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World's "Poorest" Ex-Poorest President Lives In Farmhouse (PHOTOS)

Everyone is aware that being president typically entails positions of power, riches, and leadership.

Many people believe that all presidents of all countries are wealthy or prosperous since they control a significant percentage of the nation's resources. These individuals commute in expensive automobiles, whose fuel is funded by taxes paid by regular citizens.

Additionally, they enjoy high pay and benefits and own expensive residences. In some cases, they even want more, as though the payment they receive is insufficient.

Consider the conduct of the president who is the poorest in the world, which has surprised many.

Jose Mujica, who served as Uruguay's president from 2010 to 2015, gave off a distinctive kind of signal because of how blatantly different his lifestyle was from that of other leaders around the world. Mujica was regarded as a president who opted to remain at the farmhouse with his better half rather than relocating into the opulent house that the nation had given him.

In contrast to other world presidents, Jose Mujica lived a life that stood out and helped him earn popularity. Instead of the lavish residence the Uruguayan state provides for its leaders, President Mujica decided to live in his wife's farmhouse off a country road outside of the capital.

In addition to maintaining the land, the president and his wife also spend time growing flowers.

Due to his annual charitable contributions of 90%, the former president is regarded as the poorest president in the world.

Mujica decided to give the remaining 90% of his pay to charity in order to live on just 10% of it. His home, property, and tractor are actually owned by his wife, therefore the only vehicle he identified as his primary vehicle on his yearly personal asset declaration for 2010 was a beat-up 1987 Volkswagen Beetle.


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