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Kenyan MPs Who claim to be Broke and The Reasons They give

Most Kenyans believe that the Members of Parliament are stinking rich,that is they see them anyway the ask them for money,just like any ordinary kenyan,the legislators also can be broke,parliament is not a bank where they just go to withdraw money.Dont forget that we have a host of MPs who earn zero and others who get chased all over town over to pay debts.

Here are Mps who have once declared that they are broke

Otiende Amollo

Rarieda Mp once claimed in a local television station that he has never been broke as he currently is, after becoming an Mp.The politician Cum lawyer said that he was better off when he was serving the country at different capacities.He went ahead to mention that MPs do not have some of the cushions enjoyed by other public servants. 

Kiambu Senator Kimani Wamatangi.

Kimani was also in support of otiende Amollo's claim,an indication that he is also down financially,He said that all that they earn as MPs are used on constituents for the first seven days.He emphasized that he spends all his earnings from parliament, including what he makes from his private businesses on his people.

Nominated Mp ole Sankok David.

Nominated Mp lamented why he joined politics,he opened up and said that being an MP has reduced his financial might,s saying that political arena is full of political brokers whose work is to wake up every morning and look for MPs wherever they are to request for money failure not which you are branded names criticised and insulted.

Hon Mp Opodo Kaluma.

Going by his statement,the Himanshu Mp seems to be a man undergoing financial crisis.He said that most MPs are taking home peanuts at the end of the month.This is because apart from helping their constituents,a number of Mps are servicing mortgages and other loans and they are generally broke at the end of the month.

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