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Valuable Life Lessons Politicians Should Learn From Kiraitu and Wako Submissions On COVID-19

From Kiraitu and Wako submissions, COVID-19 experiences has taught them valuable lessons about life.

If the same reverberates across the political class, then Kenya will be a great country, post covid, because the misery of this country is a product of the greed of these dealers we have for leaders, will appreciate that Kenya exists beyond their protruding tummies.

When you hear all ICU beds are full, don't imagine we are talking about tens of thousands, no. We are talking about 250 ICU beds for a population of 50 million.

It takes COVID-19 to make a politician appreciate the reality that life is temporary as an erection, a reality we Hoof-Eaters learnt long ago, without any experience.

Apparently, in future we will hear of one individual pocketing 5 billion meant for provision of health to the entire country or one individual building a dam worth tens of billions inside his stomach the same that was meant to benefit a whole region.

If COVID-19 is teaching politicians a lesson that we are all important, ten days are coming when facilities and services in our public health institutions will have improved that we will have MPs, senators, governors and other senior health officials get admitted at KNH or MTRH regular wards (not private wing).

The only politician who refused to learn anything from a COVID-19 experience is Jakom. Even before he was fully recovered he was accompanying Uhuru in launching pavements in Nairobi. Life is far much valuable than the handshake or power. Reminds me of Tsvangirai who quit chemotherapy in Johannesburg, to rush back to Zimbabwe when he heard that there was a vacancy after Mugabe was deposed.

In other related news, India is still crying. The open air crematoria set up to supplement overwhelmed traditional pyres, tells the hard times the country of Mahatma Gandhi is facing.

When India coughs, Kenya catches a fever, because India is a very strategic partner to the latter's healthcare management. When we hit a brick wall in sickness, we look at India with hope. We conduct harambees and fly our sick there and we also depend on drugs manufactured there.

When our source of hope appears hopeless, then despair reigns supreme.

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