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"Liars Are Not Tribal!"-Lawyer Donald Kipkorir Lectured After Sending this Message to Politicians

Flamboyant business man and lawyer Donald Kipkorir has sparked reactions online after sending a bold message to Kenyan Politicians in Regard to choosing Running mates for presidential elections.

Penning his thoughts in a post on his Twitter page on Sunday, Kipkorir said that If any leader claims he isn’t for Tribal Alliances, they should choose their running mate from the Pokomo,And choose a Kuria for the Prime minister position And that if they surround themselves all the time with Mt. Kenya politicians, then they should not tell Kenyans it is not about tribal alliances.

Below are Reactions from Netizens on his post.

"Liars are not tribal, someone was given a 50% govt but chose to give posts to his tribesmen and now saying he is not tribal, 😅😅😅." A comment read.

"True those crowds you see will be the same crowds you'll see when Uhuru comes to Muranga next. When push comes to shove and in the last minute those crowds will dissipate then the DP will be left wondering what hit him.Crowds can deceive." A comment read.

"According to my little knowledge, he should choose from a tribe that will bring something to the table, for possible winning." A comment read.

"Insurmountable words I can't surmise much. But we have a certain tangatanga leader who orchestrates himself as untribalistic. I find it quiye obstinated. He should come and read this and let it sink in with his wheelbarrow idealism. An uppity form of human." A comment read.

"Ahead is tough ahead for you guys...fasten you belts.Dp will talk you hard in as much as your attacks are more of mouths and at a times physical, Ruto is on the ground...BBI will pass or not, still beneficial to DP whichever the way." A comment read.

"Can we have presidential debate like last election to see what this guy will tell us then most of them pick dp from or suronded by mt kenya beacuse of votes you can see now arap mashamba camping there day and night but he will regret with wanjiku." A comment read.

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