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"Msipake Mafuta kwenye mgongo wa chupa," Senator Kinyua lashes at senators

In the recent senate proceedings,senator Joseph Kinyua talked bitterly.The motion was to impeach the former deputy speaker.The motion was moved by senator Irungu Kangata the incumbent chief whip.Professor Kindiki was accused of bailing out presidents meeting at the state house.Kinyua goes on to tell off all the senators on how they showered the outgoing deputy speaker with praises. All the senators said positive things he did.It ranged from his unique ways of handling problems to his wise advice.The speaker is known for being a man of his words.

Another senator to be precise Cleophas reminds senate on how he used to give each of them enough time to express their opinions.We also heard one senator praise his strong faith in God.He reminds them on how the professor moulded them to whom they are now.After all that praise they go on to say they support the motion.

Why give one false hope only to heartbreak them at the end of your speech.If you did not like the outgoing speaker just be open stop being hypocrites.If you didn't like him just tell him to his face.The worst betrayal is hiding the truth from people you claim friends.

"I'll stand with you my brother no matter what." He goes on to say that nobody could work as good as Kindiki.We all know he is innocent of all the accusations.Declining the president request doesn't mean he was disloyal to the party.If he disobeyed the president then he only disobeyed one member.

A party is a combination of people in it and not the leader .He reminds the senators to go and read all the legal and procedural stuff to understand everything."Don't pretend that you didn't know he is innocent,because it is quite clear that he hasn't committed any fault."He even goes another notch by referring to Kindiki as Jesus and himself to be Simon who will help him carry the cross.

Most of the leaders seemed to mock him as they all talked positively about him.Why not just mention his ill behavior and support the motion.Today it is him and tomorrow you will be the one in need of support.He was the previous majority leader in the 2013 government.This just shows how suitable he was for the the position.He assures Kindiki to stand by him no matter what .Those other hypocrites should just back off.Indeed a true friend he is

Source:Twitter and Senate proceedings

Content created and supplied by: Vallarychep (via Opera News )

Joseph Kinyua Kindiki.We Kinyua Mafuta Msipake


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