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Meet The Young African President Who Was Cut Into Pieces According To History And Here Is Why

People die in different ways, others being assassinated, other being killed by other people who are their enemies. In the late 1980s their was a young man from West Africa who ascended to political prominence and he sacrificed all inorder to get everything in his ability to lead the country.

The man by the name Sergeant Samuel Doe who was 28 years old gave out himself to work for the country by making an effort to become a Liberia's president. Samuel Doe was elected president despite his lack of government experience.

Arrested and paraded across town, the former government's officials were stripped to their underwear and arrested. Until a few days later, when they were executed. As a result, Samuel received the support of the United States, and a state visit to the country followed. However, this support lasted only as long as the Cold War raged on.

In the 1985 elections, Doe narrowly prevailed after manipulating the results in his favor. Doe was left defenseless when Liberia descended into civil conflict. It was an amazing run for Doe, as he had fought and defeated rebels in the country in 1990. Doe was led to believe that the newly deployed ECOWAS monitoring group (ECOMOG) wanted him to meet with rebel leaders to reach an agreement, so he agreed to meet with them.

Upon arriving at the spot, he was escorted by his troops, who were instructed to put down their weapons. A few moments after the prince and his troops had arrived. Doe was captured after the mediators snuck out of the room. As he was interviewed in front of a camera by his captors while being brutally abused, Doe was arrested and stripped to his underwear.

Even after they cut off his ear, they ordered that he bite on it. Before Samuels Doe's regime came to an end, Doe was escorted to a beach where the salt water worsened his discomfort and bruises.

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