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"Why Are You Destroying The Lives Of Hustlers" Kimani Inchungwah Accuses The Government Of Doing This

Honourable Kimani Inchungwah has condemned the act by the government to demolish the property which belongs to the Kahawa West residents.

According to him he alleged that the government wax destroying the livelihoods of the people. He questioned the government was doing this.

Kimani also condemned the people who are condemning them alleging that they are not supporting the government when they condemn evil in the government. He further alleged that they campaigned for the government but they were not a where on why it had decided to destroy the lives of hustlers.

He alleged that the economy is not fair to the hustlers

"When the economy is at the state it is in now,WHY destroy people’s livelihoods?

What did the people do to this government???? And when we speak out we are NOT supporting their agenda?An agenda to destroy hustlers livelihoods was NEVER in our plans when we campaigned for you!" Kimani Inchungwah stated.

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Kimani Inchungwah


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