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Idi Amin's Torture Chambers Where Many Ugandans Were Reportedly Killed

Whenever leaders that actually served as terrible dictators while in power are mentioned, there is no way the name Idi Amin won't be mentioned. He is one of the terrible dictators that not only suppressed people but also killed numerous people during his tenure, the number of Ugandans that lost their lives during his tenure hasn't been recorded correctly.General Amin promoted himself to the rank of field marshal, the highest rank in the military, and launched brutal policies, including the sack of foreigners , especially Indian and Pakistani citizens who worked and did legal business in the country in 1972, a policy that devastated the Ugandan people 's economy, coupled with growing military spending. General Amin 's government was forcibly brought to an end in 1979, when he laid claims to land belonging to the people of Tanzania and waged a war against them, an action which was met with an immediate military response from the government of Julius Nyerere. Idi Amin had often reminisced about the Battle of Mengo Hill in 1966, where he, an uneducated strongman of a northwestern warrior tribe turned chief of the presidential army, conquered Buganda-the vastest of Uganda’s traditional kingdoms, stretching from Lake Victoria to the Nile-destroying its palace and exiling the king to London, where he died under mysterious circumstances.

The eight years reign of Amin was characterised by intensified hardship, brutality, horror, arbitrary arrest, illegal detention, massive corruption, massive killings and lots more.

Report had it that, at least 300, 000 people were murdered in eight years of Amin's brutal rule. General Amin even had a place where perceived opposition members or enemies were slaughtered known as evil chamber or torture chamber.

His tenure was really very bloody and difficult for Ugandans to the extent that he was later nicknamed the "Butcher of Uganda". That aside though, he served as Ugandan Military leader from 1971 - 1979 and during his tenure, the Israelis situated an armory in Uganda but the armory was sadly converted to a torture chamber.

Terrible things happened in the torture chamber. It caused the death of thousands of Ugandans, many were tortured before they were killed in the torture Chamber.

Every night, a truck came by to collect dead bodies from the cells and dump in a nearby private lake. “We estimate over 200,000 people were killed here,” said Nakamanya, matter-of-factly. “No one we know of ever escaped.”

Because of how historical the torture chamber is, it is now a tourist center where many people now come to see for themselves. Some people who have gone into the torture chamber call it a scary place because according to them, the chamber still echo the cry of pains.

Due to how brutal and dangerous Idi Amin was, he is still regarded in history as one of the most brutal depots. He slaughtered Ugandans in numbers.

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