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Kimani Ichung'wa is Ruto's Best Running Mate [ Opinion]

Image Courtesy : Kimani Ichung'wa

Kenyans are curious on who will be William Ruto's running mate in 2022 bid. Ruto who is currently serving as deputy president of republic of Kenya has shown in interest in 2022 presidential race.

To now , Ruto has not hint out his running mate out of his vocal allies . Some of his allies have some interest in running for on some given seats in their regions while others have not yet clarify.

Let's have at look at Ruto's vibrant foot soldiers :

( i ) Alice Wahome - Kenyan politician currently serving as Member of Parliament Kandara Constituency

(ii) Ndidi Nyoro - Member of Parliament Kiharu constituency

(iii) Kimani Ichung'wa - Member of Parliament Kikuyu Constituency

(iv) Righati Gachagua - Member of Parliament Mathira Constituency

(v) Susan Kihika - Senator of Nakuru County

(vi) Kipchumba Murkomen - Senator of Elgyo Marakwet

The list is very long.

Ruto's running mate is a determining factor of his presidential dream . Out of my list above whom will Ruto make his running mate ? In history of Kenya politics , tribe remains key factor in determination of Kenya top seat . Having at look at past presidents of Kenya , only two tribes have out of 47 tribes have managed to raised presidents ;Kikuyus and Kalenjins . This means they are key determinants. Ruto will not have his running mate from Rift valley so have Kipchumba Murkomen and Susan Kihika out of the list.Gender another determinant of Kenya's top seat , never in Kenya politics history have a women held presidency office , so in my opinion have Alice Wahome out of the list.

We are left with three possibilities ; Ndidi Nyoro , Kimani Ichung'wa and Righati Gachagua the three from central region .Any of the three can lobby Mount Kenya region voters to vote for Ruto but who is more popular ? Kimani Ichung'wa is more popular and by far vibrant than the other two.

Have you ever asked yourself why Kimani Ichung'wa all through accompanied Ruto every kind of an event? In all Ruto's political rallies you will not miss Kimani Ichung'wa .

Content created and supplied by: Denniskipkoechtonui (via Opera News )

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