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They Throw Lemon To Him, But Instead, He Makes Lemonade, See How Ruto Has Mastered Art Of Politics

It is becoming clear according to Ruto's allies, that there is an enormous amount of effort directed to the deputy president, with the aim of clogging/barring and sealing all points and chances of him ascending to that precious cherished seat, the presidency.

In support of the above information, there are notable cabinet ministers who have openly disclosed their disinterest and dislike to the agenda propagated and propelled by the second in command, that is, 'bottom-up' approach with wheelbarrow as a symbol.

For instance, Joe Mucheru, did draw a fine line between him and second in power, by telling Kenyans that the future of our generation isn't based on some analogue tools of the past, that was to mean 'wheelbarrow'. Concerning this the deputy head welcomed this criticism positively acknowledging that indeed, critics are good for any individual, government or a good agenda.

The latest minister to have been booed and consequently demeaned, is minister Matiangi, for allegedly placing Ruto in the open with variety of properties where the UDA leader apparently denied atleast 30% of it.

Yesterday the internal minister happened to explain the security detail attached to the second-most important person in the country. He elaborated how well and extremely is the deputy protected, stating that he is the first 'number two' in the nation, to have a huge number of protection in the history of Kenya with atleast 257 security detail.

Let's see how Dr. Ruto has been converting 'lemon thrown to him' (to mean political adversaries cornering him into a place where he cannot come from or damaging his reputation), into making 'lemonade juice and sells to them (political adversaries) to drink'.

First and recently, the security issue surrounding him. It brought a bone of contention in the country, when a reshufflement and replacement of his GSU officers with administration police, in many of his vast empire of wealth. Many complaints were put forward majority saying that it is a constitutional protection, fixed upon him, no one can mess casually with his protection, saying that his life and safety is most important.

How did he appoach this? Well, he didn't complain that much, instead he welcomed the move and changes and infact took tea with the promoted APs, suggesting he is well and comfortable with those abrupt changes.

Secondly, the president once dared him to resign if he finds the government of the day unfit for administration.

His approach and answer was positively interesting. He magnificently told Kenyans that he was elected to serve and that by running away from those responsibilities is a sign that he won't make a good leader, his answer didn't directly touch on the president, this suggested the kind of respect he adores to the head of state.

Yesterday, the second in command revealed more of his properties in a manner to show humour and alongside his revelations, mixed feelings were elicited among the Nakuru residents who were keenly listening to him.

He reminded the team tasked to provide information about his security, who according to Ruto's allies, allegedly went behind and carried an activity close to lifestyle audit.

The former Agricultural minister positively added more light into his wealth, while speaking yesterday, he highlighted more information that former Education minister could have missed, for instance, safaricom shares to a tune of 400,000 and that of KQ to a tune of 80,000 shares.

This translated into something for his rivals. He has openly come out and shared more of what he possess. This poses a challenge to his political rivals.

What do you say?

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