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Is Kenya Prepared to be Africa's Super Power? Take A Look At 2021 Ranking And Its Military Arms

The US based agency Global Firepower rated the republic of Kenya at the 12th position in Africa. This means that 11 Countries including Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia are ahead of the East Africa's largest economy but luckily ahead of Uganda and Tanzania.

Photo: Kenya's president with Kenya army officers[courtesy of statehouse Kenya]

In terms of military hardware and human resources, the respectable international agency assessed the strength of each African countries. The findings on the basis, arms capacity, geographic location, logistical stability, and country budget showed that Kenya is the strongest nation in East Africa.

The country retained the 12th position for the second time in 2021 after dropping from 11 position a year earlier. The country is however followed closely by Uganda at 13th position.

With the launch of the region's first of its kind small arms manufacturing factory in Ruiru next to Kenya's capital in March 2021, the country's ranking is however expected to rise higher in the next year's military ranking.

President's commitment

While making his address during the launch of the small arms factory, President Uhuru Kenyatta asserted that Kenya is planning to not only modernize the military hardware but also that the country will be manufacturing most of it's required arms in the near future.

East Africa's biggest military spender

When president kenyatta took over from Mwai Kibaki in 2012 the military budget was 0.84 million dollars(94 billion Kenya shillings) However as at 2021 1 year before he retires the budget is 121 billion shillings an increase of over 30 billion shillings. This figures are expected to go higher as the president prepares his last budget to be read in May 2021.

Despite the country's economy being affected by Covid-19 pandemic, the country remains the most developed and fastest growing middle income economy in the region. The country is however struggling to repay its debts, and Alshabab terrorist fears in the north eastern part of the country. The question is Is Kenya Ready to be Africa's Super power or it will?

Below is a summary of Kenya's military hardware as posted by Firepower

1. Special battle tanks - 76

2. Personnel armored vehicles

3. 150 Total Aircraft 17 of the are Fighter jets and 87 being Helicopters

4. A total of 30 Self propelling machine guns

5. 25 towed artillery

6. Small arms military factory in Ruiru

7. 29,000 Total military personnel with 24,000 being active on duty

Kenya still needs to do more to merge the developed nations and invest in manufacturing more than relying on imports.

Photo: Modern rocket missiles owned by developed nations

Do you think Kenya will be Africa's super power?

Kindly Drop your comment below.

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