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What Laari Residents Did Forcing DP Ruto To Stop His Motorcade To Address Them

DP Ruto's campaigns are currently at peak as he continues moving to various places across the country. As we speak, DP Ruto took his campaigns to Laari where he was warmly received by the people who cheered him in large voices. DP Ruto's motorcade was just on its way to the main destination where he was to address people.

However, it appears when Laari residents notices he was coming, they has to force him to pause his motorcade so that they could listen to him. This was a quite exciting moment as the people cheered him in large voices for having stopped to speak to them. Ruto could at first not say anything since the crowd was making a lot of noise as they cheered him up in large voices.

This was one of the best DP Ruto's moments to see how people greatly honour him in various places across the country.

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