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Trending: MPs To Refund 2.7 Billion Given Is Illegal Allowances Or To Be Deducted From Their Salary

The Court of appeal as upheld high Court's ruling that members of Parliament must refund 2.7 billion shillings they received in illegal allowances. The MPs had appealed a decision by high court that the allowances to be deducted from their monthly salaries.

The directive was issued last year December prior to which they used to earn accomodation and house allowance amounting to 250,000 shillings each. The SRC did not approve the the allowances which was backdated to October 2018.

Each MP is required to refund 6.5 million which they had acquired for the last 26 months. The law makers had petitioned about the matter that to allow them recieve allowances and suspend the monthly cut until the appeal is determined.

The court had ruled that the case could not be defeated if the MPs continued to refund the money.

According to me the allowances is too much for them as many people are struggling to get jobs which can pay then even small amount. The money should be used to raise the economy of the country. Let them return the money.

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