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"She is Admitted In Hospital ", Murang'a Woman Rep Sabina Chege Skips IEBC Grilling Session

Sabina Chege has slipped The IEBC grilling session that was scheduled to happen today.According to the latest news from Nation Africa Sabina Charges Lawyer said Sabina is Sick and can not attend the session.

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Taking on their verified Facebook account Nation Africa declared the following, "MURANGA WOMAN Rep Sabina Chege skips IEBC grilling session; her lawyer says she is admitted in hospital",Nation Africa wrote.

Kenyans have not been left out and below are some of reactions from Facebook:

"There is a foul play by the IEBC to deny her a chance to run for governorship. Ruto should be blacklisted from holding any public office for facilities criminal activities against humanity in the ICC.The kiambaa victims haven't come into terms with their departed loved ones.I'm so sorry",Frank wrote.

"The tongue is a very dangerous body organ if carelessly used,see this daughter of the mountain what she is facing in the name of fighting for BABA"Robert added.

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