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Texas law, the heartbeat bill bans abortion at six weeks of pregnancy.

Beginning September 1 2021,a restrictive law concerning abortion care went into effect in Texas.The Texas law which is Also called"the heartbeat bill,"bans abortion at six weeks of pregnancy.

On December 10,it was decided by The US supreme court that the six weeks abortion ban in Texas should continue.The S.B.8(Abortion ban in Texas) therefore remains in effect even as legal challenges against the ban proceeds.

However, the ruling is not a final decision on whether the S.B.8 should remain.

Individual citizens are allowed to sue anyone they believe has helped someone get an abortion care .These abortion caregivers include abortion providers, abortion rights activists friends or family members.

This has left those people who are pregnant and wish to do an abortion with no option.Planned parenthood centers in Texas, Illinois and Missouri said they've been experiencing an influx of calls from people asking about when they can receive abortion care.

Despite the requirement of the law,abortion care workers who include physicians,nurses and administrative staff in and around Texas are dedicated to helping people to get the care they need.

"Nothing about this law is going to deter Texans who are providing abortion care from continuing to fight to bring back what people in that community deserve which is access to that care locally,"Said Dr Colleen McNicholas the chief medical officer Reproductive Health Services of planned Parenthood of the St Louis region and Southwest Missouri, speaking with health line earlier this year.

Many citizens are now seeking legal alternatives to access safe abortions which is more costly than local care in terms of transport and time away from work.

To you my reader,what is your take on abortion? Should it be legalized or not? According to me it should never be legal except when the continuation of the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother.Share your views at the comments section .

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