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"They Will Start Patanisho Soon" Mwalimu Dida Hits At This Popular TV Station Over Hustler Fund

Many Kenyans as of today have taken the hustlers fund since President William Ruto launched it.

The number of Kenyans taking the fund is increasing daily as they enjoy the fund of the government they voted for.

Mwalimu Dida, former presidential candidate has hit hard at NTV television over the hustlers fund saying soon they will start 'Patanisho show.'

Earlier on NTV had shared that Philomena Kirwa borrowed Ksh. 900 Hustler Fund that help him buy one chicken for Ksh. 700.

"‘Hustler Fund’ imenisaidia… nilichukua mkopo wa KES 900, nikanunua kuku mmoja kwa KES 700 na najua ataanza kutega mayai hivi karibuni… mayai moja ni KES 20" - Philemon Kirwa.

Dida seemed to be displeased with the news saying the station was stopping low on reporting their news.

"What has NTV becomeg I'm sure they will start Patanisho soon," Dida tweeted.

Hustler fund has been facing lots of backlash from the opposition leaders saying it was unconstitutional for Ruto to give government money without been implement through parliament.

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