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It Will Take Nairobi 2 Days to Starve Kampala of Oxygen, Says Muluka as Diplomatic Row Flares

Museveni: My son Muhoozi to avenge those who wronged me - Watchdog Uganda

Days after Uganda President Yoweri Museveni's son Muhoonzi Kainerugaba made controversial tweets about capturing Kenya's capital Nairobi in two weeks with Uganda's soldiers, mixed reactions continue to emerge among Kenyans.

The latest to comment on the same is renowned Political analyst Barrak Muluka. Speaking to local media, Muluka warned Kenya'sgvernment, saying NMuhoozi's tweets cannot just be jokes and should be taken seriously.

He said Museveni's son could be sending a warning signal to the Kenyan government and that the government should treat just tweets with the seriousness that it deserves.

He said it will only take two days for Nairobi to starve Kampala of oxygen by freezing the SGR and locking them from the Port of Mombasa, which he suspected could be the main reason why Museveni's administration is not happy about Kenya.

"These are the problems of having the son, mother and son all in government. They may not be happy with the democratic process that our country has undergone...the port of Mombasa could have been their center of interest and they could be unhappy about it. The SGR and entire secrecy that shrouds SGR and interested parties could be the reason for their controversial tweets. Muhoozi cannot take Nairobi in 2 weeks, all Nairobi needs to d is to starve Kampala of oxygen in just two days," stated Muluka

"The remarks made by Museveni's son are beyond a sick joke, these are remarks of war, our government should take such remarks very seriously. It may be time that our forces start hovering around our border points to ensure it is secure" he added

He said Kenya's President William Ruto and Museveni could have reached a deadlock in one of their conversations and that Museveni could be using the son to send a warning to Kenya should all hits a dead end

"Nothing happens for jokes, there could be something fishy happening, the other day Museveni was here and he was throwing things indirectly, who knows, he could have been sent. Kenyans government should be thinking keenly on what Muhoozi meant,"stated Governance Expert Peter Mbae

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