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5 Countries With Powerful militaries In Africa

Every year, the Global Firepower (GFP) ranks countries all over the world based on the; strength of their military, airpower, landforces, natural resources, financial and logistical capabilities.

The five Countries leading the pack in the Continent and ranking Africa in the world are;

1. Egypt

Photo courtesy: GFP [Photos|Files]

According to Global Firepower (GFP) annual review, Egypt leads the pack as the country with strongest Military, the country is equipped with; 215 fighter aircraft, 88 attack aircrafts, 81 attack helicopter, 4,295 combat tanks, 1,084 rocket projectors, 11,700 armored fighting vehicles, 1139 self propelled artillery, 2,189 towed artillery, 2 aircraft carriers, 7 naval frigates, 8 submarines and 45 naval patrol craft.

Egypt also comes 9 out of 138 globally, they're advantaged of available natural resources to manage Military equipments.

2. Algeria

Illustration, Photo courtesy: GFP [Photos]

Algeria is ranked 28 out of 138 globally, the country is equipped with; 103 fighter aircraft, 22 attack aircrafts, 45 attack helicopters, 880 combat tanks, 316 rocket projectors, 7,361 fighting armored vehicles, 320 self propelled artillery, 240 towed artillery, 5 naval frigates, 6 submarines and 25 naval patrol crafts.

3. South Africa

Illustration, Photo courtesy: GFP [Photos]

South Africa comes third in Africa and 29 out of 138 countries globally. The South Africa Armed forces are equipped with; 17 fighter aircraft, 12 attack helicopters, 195 combat tanks, 50 rocket projectors, 2000 fighting armored vehicles, 43 self propelled artillery, 72 towed artillery, 4 naval frigates, 3 submarines, 31 naval patrol crafts.

South Africa is also in record as only African country that attempted to gain nuclear technology.

4. Nigeria

Illustration, Photo courtesy: GFP [Photos]

The Nigeria Armed forces is in possession of; 8 fighter aircraft, 13 attack aircrafts, 15 attack helicopters, 253 combat tanks, 36 rocket projectors, 1,789 armored fighting vehicles, 339 towed artillery and 100 naval patrol crafts.

Nigeria is ranked 42 in the world out of 138 According to Global Firepower (GFP) annual review.

5. Angola

Illustration, Photo courtesy: GFP [Photos]

Angola armed forces is ranked 56 out of 138 countries in the world, the forces are well equipped with; 72 fighter aircraft, 18 attack aircraft, 15 attack helicopters, 379 combat tanks, 115 rocket projectors, 595 armored fighting vehicles, 357 towed artillery and naval patrol crafts.

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