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"Unlike In Kibaki's Tenure Students In Uhuru's Tenure Have Some Money," David Matsanga Says

Fortunately students in Uhuru's tenure have some money. They do online writing, transcription and online marketing. There are people who did not have money during Moi time, Kibaki time and have no money now under Uhuru and won't have money even if Ruto takes over.Picture for illustrative purpose.

This is according to Investigative Journalist cum Political Analyst Matsanga David as he posted on his social media platforms, as he defend Uhuru's legacy. He says that during President Kibaki tenure, digital and online jobs were not well known by students unlike it's today.Picture for illustrative purpose.

This facebook post has attracted lots of reactions where different Kenyans gave different views and opinions as captured below.Picture for illustrative purpose.

*Stop over stressing yourself in things you will not make difference even if you were to post every 30 seconds.

*Before I forget Kibaki, never at one time gave people money. He created an economy where raw material were cheaper than now. So that if you had a brain you would get an opportunity to employ yourself and hence others.

But right now go to a supermarket right now, you will find that everything is high. As we speak, a normal plastic soda in Busia Uganda is Ksh50 and in Kenyan side is Kshs 70. Do the mathematics now.

*Who told you that people were not offering freelance writing services back then?

*Kenyan's and especially Mt Kenya, we are the biggest casualties under UK leadership. Our businesses and other investments have collapsed, and we have been auctioned like never before as community.

*You are a big sell out. You are the people who should be telling Uhuru what is on the ground, since you have the opportunity but you are here supporting what he does. Boss people are really suffering, don’t forget your roots when you fly.

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