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Opinion: Could This be Uhuru Kenyatta's Secret Plot to Discipline His Deputy

Photo: President Uhuru Kenyatta (Facebook/Statehouse Kenya).

Uhuru Kenyatta has confessedly nodded to the fact that his hand is leveraging ground for his successor. Uhuru is set to hang his political boots in few months time and if Jubilee Coalition's 2013 is anything to go by, then his deputy is supposed to be his successor.

The above perception is unfortunately unviable, the two 'brothers' are no longer immiscible and their relationship has turned sour with Kenyatta II hatching a plan to see William does not take over from his.

Photo: DP William Ruto (Twitter/William Ruto).

There exists numerous ploys to dispirit William but it seems Uhuru has chosen the less hazardous one to tame his defiant deputy. Jomo's son is no doubt investing in governmental bodies mostly the executive and judiciary to chop Ruto's head off.

Ruto's allies have been hounded out of key and influential parliamentary positions, without much say, any bill including Ruto's impeachment motion can easily sail through and this is the very thing anti-Ruto brigade is angling to sponsor.

Photo: Uhuru Kenyatta with his deputy (

Without William's key defenders in parliament committees, an impeachment motion can easily pass through rendering Samoei jobless. Through this, Uhuru will easily teach his impertinent deputy a lesson of his life.

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