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3 Billion Pocket Change in London: Kenyans Mock ODM Blogger Alai After His Comment on Pandora Exposé

Earlier yesterday, a newspaper in England ran a story on President in Uhuru Kenyatta in which they alleged that the President has an offshore account that has 30 million United States Dollars.

Picture Courtesy. Robert Alai.

This is roughly equivalent to 3.1 billion Kenya shillings in local currency but the news has not been substantiated yet by the local dailies.

Blogger Robert Alai has come out to defend the President by calling the 3 Billion Pocket Change and Kenyans were having none of it.

Here is Alai's post: "President Uhuru and his family has wealth worth hundreds of billions in Kenya but some lazy journalist found that the most conveniently newsworthy piece is some Ksh 3.1 billion pocket change in London?"


Kenyans were quick to support and dismiss his allegations at the same time and these were their comments:

Felix Khalwale: 11 accounts with one account worth 3.1B. Assume each has that 3.1B, what of the other 10 accounts? People are rich.

Ruchathi Kims: I scrutinized the 'breaking news' and i just dont understand how a family worth of more than a trillion property locally would surprise us that is has some few billions in offshore, after all the Kenyatta snr other wife was a foreigner. Get the connection that is not news.

Eric Pamba: But boss so stealing and stashing $3 billion abroad is acceptable to you because that's not what the family is really worth, beats me how we could turn something about stealing of public resources into a political football match.


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