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Vladimir Putin Calls For a 'Christmas' Truce

South Africa has found herself in the spotlight after a recent UN research proved that she is an ally of Russia. This comes after the US warned China that Russia is destabilizing Africa. However, South Africa is not alone; other Russian allies confirmed by the UN include China, India, and Iran. Vladimir Putin- the Russian president, decided to put the brakes on Russian missiles for what he called "a Christmas truce."

For any normal Church going Christian like you and me, Christmas festivities are done and dusted! But for the Orthodox Church of Russia, 6 January marked Christmas Eve.

According to Putin, it was only "wise" to let the dust settle for 36 hours to give room for the Orthodox Community to rejoice in the 'hope' that comes with the birth of the Messiah. It was both ironic and unreasonable for president Putin to plea for a "Vatican" retreat when he continued to spray the "ghost" towns of Ukraine with hot bullets before during and after the "normal" Christmas season.

The Russian patriarch, Kirill had recently called for a ceasefire in Ukraine; but answering him were the Britons and their foreign affairs secretary Mr. Cleverly.

"A 36 hour 'pause' of Russian attacks will do nothing to advance the prospects for peace," he said, "Russia must permanently withdraw it's forces, relinquish it's illegal control of Ukrainian territory and it's barbaric attacks against innocent civilians."

A stern statement that was quickly backed up like 'WhatsApp' data by the White House. Speaking at the first house, the US president, Joe Biden, shunned Putin saying that he was trying to find some "oxygen" and only used the holy spirit of Christmas as an excuse to re-strategize. The US has already provided both financial and military aid to Ukraine and remains its biggest ally in the war against Russia.

President Biden in a speech delivered to Congress during president Zelensky's visit to the US, re-affirmed his undying love and support for Ukraine.

Putin looks like a man out of wits. His initial plan of divide and rule seems to have hit a dead end. He has now been forced to turn to South Africa and Russia's other allies like Iran for help. Iranian drones have already been supplied and used by the Russian forces, as for China and India, they have yet to come out of their ca Coons. But what I cannot get my head around is what South Africa has to offer the 69-year-old Putin.

Whether it's moral, spiritual, or physical support, I think that South Africa is setting up herself for serious destruction. The famous adage that says, "when two 'bulls' are fighting the grass feels the most pain," is not something new in Africa. Whether you come from Nigeria, Mali, or Kenya; I'm sure we all have a story to tell about the civil war. Whether you believe the tales of old handed down from generations, there is a truth in them if you look keenly.

Have you wondered what would happen if Putin and the developed West lost interest in fighting each other, and instead looked at Africa, would our fragile motherland survive? Would South Africa, remain loyal to her newfound love of Russia? War is a bad thing, any leader whose leadership is centered around war is a misleader to their nation. It is not wise for South Africa to support Russia in its war against Ukraine.

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