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SC Ahmednasir Spills Beans on The Issues He Disagreed With President Uhuru From 2013 To Date

SC Ahmednasir, Photo Courtesy

The past nine years of president Uhuru has seen many political events happen. The first term saw a peaceful coexistence between the president and his deputy.

The second term that began in 2017 saw a different kind of presidency. The president and his deputy did not see eye to eye, something that each one of them downplayed until recently when it came clear to Kenyans that their relationship is not as good as it was in their first term of prdsidency.

Senior Council Ahmednasir has today revealed what he terms as the issues he Disagreed with president Uhuru during his 9 year leadership as the president of the republic of Kenya.

SC has stated that he only disagreed with president Uhuru in three issues only. The first issue he says is the Handshake that president Uhuru Kenyatta did with the opposition leader Raila Odinga. Secondly, SC Ahmednasir says that he did not agree with the president on the issue of BBI. The third issue is that concerning NFD. On all the other issues, SC says that he is loyal to all of them.

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