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Meet The Man Uhuru Kenyatta Should Blame For His Dwindling Political Fortunes

UhuRuto fallout caught many by surprise but as time passed by so did Kenyans accept that things had really fallen apart between the two 'brothers' and the best one can do in such a scenario is to accept and move on.

To Ruto, the fallout has been a blessing in a disguise for his political odds have grown exponentially. But to his master, the going is turning out bumpy as statistics reveal he has lost grip of his backyard and the question if Big 4 agendas are viable lies on hubris.

The undeniable fact is; the thunder has already struck, who should Kenyatta II blame for his crumbling political fortunes? None but himself. History is replete with stories of great men falling because of miscalculated moves they made in tense situations.

Uhuru's move to embrace ODM boss was one of a kind but he would have left his deputy uninformed. Jomo's son has over the years left mum when his assistant was receiving kicks and blows from his lieutenants a thing that has made him unpopular among Ruto's supporters.

Muigai was building a bridge at the same time burning one and for this, the very bridge he yearned to see standing may soon or later crumble for its foundation was cut short, what a miscalculation!

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