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What Maryanne Said About Her Father

Maryanne Musalia Mudavadi made it clear her father is her pillar and a great force that will change this country completely for the better. According to Maryanne Musalia, they are focused in changing this country completely for the better and they will not be distracted whatsoever for her father is an economist abd experienced.

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The leaders have affirmed they were determined heavily of taking this country after Musalia Maryanne spoke. Maryanne termed her father as a great pillar and a force that has seen the family achieve great goals moving into the future and previously.

Most didn't expect Maryanne Musalia to give such a poweful speech about his father and candid one. Maryanne however has ensured her father brief history was given exactly as it's moving into the future do that Kenyans know exactly of the person that he was.

Maryanne speech has made many leaders know Musalia as a cool and a humble leader who is focused and determined owing to his experience. However as we move into the future it's clear the speech about Musalia by his daughter was one extremely interesting and fascinating.

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