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Magufuli's Coffin And Cross Changed Today [Photos]

Yesterday on March 20th, the body of the late President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania was carried in the above pictured tawny brown coffin as it was taken to St Peter's Catholic Church and Uhuru Stadium in Dar es-Salaam for prayers and public viewing respectively.

The half-couch coffin which looked quite elegant was accompanied by a matching cross of the same colour and at the beginning of the body viewing ceremony, the cover had to be held by some military men as seen below.

Sensing that this holding of the cover could've turned tedious, the coffin was slightly modified when the turn for the public to view him came and the modifications gave thousands of mourners an opportunity to view him from both sides as seen below.

Several hours after the body being taken to Lugalo Military Hospital from the Stadium at 7PM after a day-long body viewing ceremony, Tanzanians and people around the world were in the morning of today on March 21st treated with some changes in the President's casket.

As seen below, the coffin was of a slightly dark colour (probably cocoa brown) and the same case was for the cross which obviously had to match.

One major change that this new coffin had is that the glass covering the President had slightly been raised leaving a bigger space above the President's face.

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John Pombe Magufuli Lugalo Military Hospital Tanzanians


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