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Implementing The Promises In Manifestos Is Not As Easy As Wajackoya Is Making People Think It Is

The August presidential elections are less than fifty days away and politicians are doing all they can to persuade and convince Kenyans to vote for them.This involves even lying just to get the people's attention.Take for instance Wajackoya who is among the presidential aspirants.Wajackoya has made many Kenyans beleive he is easily going to implement his plans such as legalising weed and rearing snakes once he becomes president.What he is however forgetting is that before anything is implemented into a law in Kenya it goes through a process.Number one is it must be presented in the parliament where the speaker has to now set it into motion giving members of parliament the platform to debate.A vote is normally taken with some voting for yes and no.Whoever wins here is one that his party or alliance has the largest number of members.In this case,Wajackoya is likely to be on his own and thus lack the support he might need.Once the motion is passed in Parliament,it is taken to a committee who go through it further before presenting it to the president.This is something that takes months and even years not less than one hundred days as Wajackoya is saying.

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