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Things A Politician Who Wants To Win Should Do

There are things that a politician in Kenya should do to win in an election .Here are things a politician should do to win in an election.

1.Praying to Almighty God to help you win.God is the provider of everything.God is the one who gives leadership.For you to win in your in any leadership, you must pray and God will help you to win.

2.Helping the needy people in the community.Help people who are poor in the community to raise there basic needs to raise there standards of living.

3.Helping widows and orphans.Help all widows and orphans in the community.Provide them with all basic needs.

4.Helping students who are not able to raise fees and support them to attend schools.Provide students with bursaries and funds to enable them attend school and continue with studies.

5.Developing markets in your area to enable trade to take place easily.Help to develop markets to enable trade to take place well.

6.Doing your campaigns thoroughly without stopping.Make sure you walk from one place to another to do you campaigns and make sure everyone know you.

7.Helping churches to raise funds to develope their structures.Help to do fundraising in churches to continue with there development.

8.Be the person of people and be close to them.Be always available to your people to here what they need and be good speaking to them.

9.Respect to what people say and take action Listen to what your people are saying and take action immediately.

10.Help youths to get job opportunities and help them with loan to start business.Help youths by employing them and provide others with loans to start business.

11.Have enough confidence and courage while addressing people.Have enough energy to talk to people.Face them directly.Maintain your eye contact to them.

12.He should have good relationship with other politician to support him.

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