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Plane Crash

Four Presidents Who Died In Plane Accident

An unfortunate catastrophe is a plane crash. The number of fatalities is always high. The worst accident that has ever occurred is this one. All of these presidents perished in flying mishaps.

1)Poland's president Lech Kaczynski

The Polish president and a number of other high officials died in a plane accident in Russia in 2010 while traveling to commemorate the Soviet Union's mass execution of thousands of Polish officers during World War II. Slawomir Skrzypek, the governor of the Central Bank, and his wife Maria Kaczynski were also murdered. A Tu-154 jet was used. The substantial amount of fog that day is blamed for the disaster.

2)Ramon Magsaysay, Philippine president.

He became known as the populist hero of the Philippines. On March 16, 1957, while en route from Cebu to Manila after giving a speech at three schools there, the presidential plane he was traveling in crashed.

By the age of 49, he had passed away. In 1953, he was chosen to be the country's seventh president, and he was in the middle of his fourth term when he passed away in 1969.

3)Cyprien Ntanyamira of Burundi and Juvenal Habyanimana of Rwanda

The plane transporting both presidents crashed on the day of their deaths. At a peace summit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the two presidents discussed putting an end to the slaughter in Burundi between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groupings.

Cyprien, who had only been in power for two months, decided to fly back in Juvenal's jet instead of his own propeller-driven plane.

Two surface-to-air missiles were fired at the airplane as it approached Kigali International Airport, causing it to crash and killing everyone on board.

4) Boris Trajkovski, a Macedonian

He served as the second president of the country for two terms. He replaced Kiro Gligorov, who led the country as its second president after it acquired independence in 1991.

Others viewed Boris as a champion of human rights and interethnic harmony who prepared the road for his nation to join the European Union.

He was viewed by some as a populist leader who defended Macedonia. On February 26, 2004, while en route to a major investment conference in Mosta, Bosnia and Herzegovina, his jet crashed, killing him instantly.


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