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Itumbi Reveals the Strategy Which is Being Used by Government to Block DP Ruto Cling to Presidency

Former Strategic and Innovation Director in the office of the President Dennis Itumbi has revealed the strategy which the government is using to see the second in command not in power come 2022.

According to Itumbi, he has revealed that the strategy was formulated back in 2017 where a meeting was held with an agenda to stop William Ruto from being president in 2022.

Itumbi has asserted that among the strategies which were to be used one was to revive dead corruption cases linking them to William Ruto so that the mass would brand the Deputy President as deeply corrupt, a thief and a person who cannot be trusted with Public Office.

He has also revealed that the Government laid a plan on how they can overtake major operations in the ruling party so that Ruto will not have a stable political stand by forming a team of friendly lawyers to develop a strategy on how to take over party organs and kick out pro-Ruto's officials within Jubilee Party.

Itumbi has asserted that the change of Constitution and a referendum is also among the strategies which were put in place to oust Dp Ruto.

Below are the details from Itumbi:

"Meeting AFTER the 2017 elections.


PLAN: Stop DP William Ruto from being President in 2022



The Question?

How do we mount a war that looks serious to the Public, that is embraced by masses but brands WR as Deeply corrupt, a Thief and a person who cannot be Trusted with Public Office.....


1. Open up New Cases on big tenders touching on Big Fish including Cabinet secretaries, PSs and Parastatal heads.

2. Implicate known allies of WR and ensure Public Communication captures that through anonymous leaks 

3. Mount comprehensive PR, around Corruption fight

4. Revive Old cases touching on WR, including the ones he won - Eg. Kenya Pipeline...

5. Restructure leadership of institutions involved in the fight against graft.

6. Consistent hype, use public anger to recruit MPs and Senators, leading to Impeachment or resignation of WR ( Consider Arrest of DP, once public confidence is won - develop Impact assessment on arrest)



How do we carry the public and elected members along as we take control of Party Organs and place a friendly team to steer the party to the 2022 elections? 


Team of friendly lawyers to develop a strategy on how to take over party organs and kick out pro-WR officials.


1. The study, visit and Invite the following parties on the grounds stated below...

a) ANC - The Oldest and strongest Political Party in Africa

b) Communist Party of China (CPC) - Most Efficient Party in the world

The visits should look for partnerships, deepen collaboration, cooperation, financing and adoption of structures.

2. High-Level Engagement, Training and recruitment of county-level officials with a view of controlling The National Delegates Conference membership.

3. Brand and Equip all County Offices ( First meeting between CCP and Jubilee was in Nakuru, Several meetings held throughout the year)

4. Recruit ESTABLISHED and RENOWNED POLITICAL FAMILIES - Due to the likely fall-out after the War of Corruption, tap the Old and established families in every region, in exchange offer appointments and other means of support.

5. ALTERNATIVE CANDIDATES -Start strengthening, Propping and Pampering 'New' Candidates who can be positioned as Presidential Candidates...

a) Wycliff Oparanya - Position the Governor and use him to upset the WR team. They expect Mvurya to be elected COG chair. Fire the first shot by having Oparanya elected Chair. Help him communicate achievements at County Level. Position him as a Fresh and possible candidate for Presidency.

B) Gideon Moi - 

Profile him as an alternative leader to WR in Kalenjin community

C) Musalia & Kalonzo - Maintain them as possible candidates.

NB: Kikuyus, Luos and Kalenjins determine the Politics of Kenya if any of the two combine they would tilt the scales.

The team should suggest more names with that in mind.



How do we ensure a certain level of Stability to protect the reforms proposed and ensure the mother law supports them even in the likely reaction by the WR team?


1. Begin a debate on constitutional change and Referendum ( team to establish the safer route, Parliament or the popular vote)

2. Put a panel of experts that we control to establish positions that we support

3. Expand the structure of Government to take care of main ethnic communities


I cannot discuss the details.

1. I, however, have THREE videos ( One main one and two of people who attended a meeting)

I will play them once cleared by the court.

NB: President to maintain a Neutral Stance in public to allow him room to manoeuvre.

Now you know.....


A day before the Supreme Court overturned August 2017 Election results. A meeting at State House with MPs- Dennis Itumbi penned.

Content created and supplied by: kagane_ke (via Opera News )

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