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Chebukati Should Know That, A Constitutional Amendment In Itself Can Never Be Unconstitutional~Thuku

Picture for illustrative purpose.

IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati had a chance to submit his views to parliamentary committee on Justice and Legal Affairs. He boldly and confidently told the committee that, "I don't know how BBI came up with 70 additional constituences, and it was illegal for BBI to take up the mandate of the IEBC".Picture for illustrative purpose.

His(Chebukati) bold remarks attracted lots of views and opinions from different individuals. Among them was Senior Counsel Wahome Thuku, who strongly differed with Chebukati's stand. Through his facebook page, Wahome reminded him(Chebukati) about a few legal procedures he ought to have known and understood so well.

Attached please find his facebook post as I captured it from his facebook timeline for your review. "CHEBUKATI should know better that a constitutional amendment in itself can never be unconstitutional." reads part of his facebook postPicture for illustrative purpose.

As he winded up with his legal views, Wahome Thuku stated very clearly, that the only thing that can be unconditional is the process of making the amendments. And it can only be so if it doesn't comply with the constitutional provisions of amending the constitution.

This post attracted lots of reactions where different Kenyans gave different views and opinions as captured below.Picture for illustrative purpose.

*In this case it is not the people that spoke, its money that spoke for an individual since it was his project. Chebukati is therefore protecting the people's voice and power which is in the process of being vandalized by an individual.

*Chebukati was loud and clear, that the work of deleminating constituencies belongs to IEBC, based on specific criterias set out in 2010 constitution.

*Then why can't in the spirit, remove the requirements of a two third gender rule on elective posts to save the country of the impending parliament of 640 mps in a worded case scenario?

*I am not a lawyer, neither do I possess any serious academic paper like Chebukati, but wisdom informs me that popular initiative can overturn any part of any law, even the whole constitution.

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