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Steps to follow when purchasing land

Many people have a dream of owning land. However some people end up loosing their money because they don't follow legal procedures when purchasing land. Here are some of the procedures to follow:

A) Search and inspection of title deed

Once you have identified the land you want to buy. You should visit the ministry of land at county headquarters to confirm the owner of the land. You should carry a copy of the title deed.

B)Offers and negotiation

Once the search results have satisfied you, make an offer to the seller this will trigger negotiations until you reach the desired price.

C)Sale agreement and deposit

Once you have agreed on the price. You should have a sale agreement where the two parties and witness will sign. You can make you deposit infront of the witness.

D) Land map

You can get the land map from a local surveyor or the ministry of land this is important because it shows roads and neighbouring land.

E) Land rates

Before buying the land you should ensure that the land rates are fully paid for.

F) Land control board

It comprises of the village elders, chiefs or assistant county commissioner who give a go ahead to the sell of land. They prevent the seller from self destruction or block sell of land where there is no agreement between the family.

G)Land transfer

Once you have paid for the land, the old title deed is to be presented before the ministry of land at the county level for ownership transfer. Also payment of stamp duty is done.

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