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Things The Queen Elizabeth II Is Never Allowed To Do

Just like any other job, being a leader of a monarch comes with its own rules. These rules are adhered to strictly always. Even the Queen herself has to follow them.

Here are some of the things The Queen is never allowed to do:

Never Allowed to give a political opinion. Unlike all the people in the UK, the Queen is never to stand for elections or cast a vote. She also has to keep her views a secret and never voice them in public although she has violated the rule on two occasions.

The Queen is forbidden from getting into physical contact with "commoners". The Queen is not allowed to be touched by the common folk. Even though she got into contact when she met Obama and Mitchell it is very rare to see it happen.

The Queen is not allowed to engage in small talks at the dinner table. The Queen has a special protocol that dictates that she talks to the person on her right side first then on the left side.

She can never sign an autograph. You can imagine the Queen as a celebrity herself many people will certainly want her signature. But the Monarch has forbidden autograph signing to avoid forging the Royal family signature.

All women in the Royal family including Queen are not allowed to cross legs. It's a strict rule that has to be strictly followed. One is allowed to sit with knees close together and legs to the side. The Queen has however admitted one time that it's painful sometimes.

The Queen had no power in naming her children. Perhaps if you didn't know, naming a baby among the Royals is a procedural process. The name has to be fashionable and also acknowledge history by paying respects to relatives.

You can imagine how hard it is to be a ruler of a Monarch like Queen Elizabeth II.

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