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Proposed Amount of Money Retired Governors and MCAs Will Receive as Pension

Retiring County Governors, their deputies speakers, and the MCAS have proposed hefty payouts and provision for perks to maintain their lives after retirement. The officials want county assemblies to approve the bill and finance pensions for the officials from the county.

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission, however, says such a bill may face headwinds and it's not within the allowed end of term packages for such officials.

A lump sum payout of one year's salary with the current rates per month, comes to Sh11.1 million per Governor. Besides, it is proposed that retired Governor's receive a monthly pay equivalent to 80 percent of basic pay translating to Sh739000 every month for the rest of their lives.

Should they die while on pension their spouses would be entitled to 50% of the amount. For Deputy Governors, the bill proposes that they receive one-time lump-sum payment of Sh7.45 million and be entitled to Sh379000 every month for the rest of their lives.

A Speaker of County Assembly is a proposed to receive A lump-sum pay of Sh3.1 million and on top of that, they receive 60 percent of their monthly pay for the rest of their lives equivalent to Sh150000.

For MCAs, is proposed that alongside a contributory pension program that they receive a lump sum pay of Sh1.7 million being one year, basic pay. Once retired, the bill proposes that Governor's Deputy Governors and retired speakers each get a driver with a 3000 CC vehicle and a personal assistant or secretary retired.

Governors are proposed to be paid a fuel allowance of 10 percent of the governor's salary being Sh92,400. They are also proposed to be assigned a housekeeper for the rest of their lives.

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